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It’s like I can’t get out of tumblr for a while without something new coming out i swear

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"SPN’s fandom is diametrically opposed to the straightlaced mainstream audience SPN wishes it had. So SPN’s creative team routinely breaks the fourth wall in the most passive-aggressive way: to remind fans that they see you and they disapprove."


This seems relevant right about now.

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"Bitch"…"Jerk" is Sam and Dean’s thing


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okay so instead of focusing on the things you didn’t like in the sneak peak let’s talk about the good things:

  • fucking shirtless dean
  • charlie is back
  • Jody is back
  • Kevin/Abaddon might be back
  • cas in a robe 
  • sam calling cas
  • sam caring about his brother
  • sam and dean will be working on a mystery case TOGETHER
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The Hannah and Cas thing.


Okay I watched the season 10 preview here: http://vimeo.com/106228787 and THUS follows my unsolicited opinion. I believe Hannah is definitely very attracted to Cas but I saw very little to prove Cas feels the same way. Three reasons:

  1. Cas called Hannah a good soldier. Angelic friendzoning.
  2. Carver said Cas “spins off” into a deeper personal experience.
  3. I only saw them in two scenes, suggesting she’s not around much.

It sounds to me like Hannah is a confused angel with an unrequited crush. I don’t see Cas falling for someone who doesn’t love humanity like he does either. Does any of that make sense? I could be way off my mark here but that’s my takeaway from the season ten preview thingy.

No, I don’t like Hannah getting incest-y with Cas.

But I don’t feel like it’s permanent either.

I just wish Hannah could have been a sister/friend figure to Cas without tossing forced romantic feelings. It’s like women can’t work with Dean, Sam, or Cas without a romantic subplot and that’s disappointing to me. I want to like Hannah but making her googly eyed over Cas is just going to irritate me. Their bond could be just as meaningful on a platonic basis.

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"She [Hannah] finds herself caring for Cas in a way that’s not particularly angelic"


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Writers:*hints at a possible romantic relationship between Hannah and Castiel*
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